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Auto-Trail F-74

The Auto-Trail F-74 is a  6 berth - 4 Seat Belt, family-friendly, low profile leisure vehicle. Incorporating numerous practical features for your holidays away, the new 7.32m F-74, low-profile coach built delivers a spacious front living area and a large island bed at the rear. The popular and integrated electronic dropdown bed makes bedtime that much easier. The front dinette also transforms in to a bed. This is further complemented by plenty of LED lighting as well as natural light throughout from the large panoramic skyroof for a clean, modern feel inside this family motorhome.


For an easy way to control your living environment, F-Line models feature the new Whale Heat Air space and Expanse water heating, featuring the easy to use Heat Control panel. This chassis-mounted system creates valuable storage and extra living space.

The Auto-Trail F-74 come on the latest Ford Transit chassis with upgrades such as LUX Pack and Drivers Pack. This gives you features such as Cab Air-conditioning, Cruise Control, Heated Windscreen, Auto Wipers / Lights, Motorhome Satnav, and Solar Panel to name a few. Our F-74 range features the 170BHP engine with 6-speed automatic transmission. They can be driven on a standard car licence with B entitlement.

F74 LAYOUT.png

Length - 7.32M

Width - 2.35M

Weight - 3500kg

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